Alan Bernhoft- Actor, Composer,
Screenwriter and Producer
Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Alan has spent over
twenty years creating music. A serious drummer at the
age of eight, he had his first band in grammar school,
playing parties and school dances through makeshift
P.A. systems. As a young boy drawn to the many blues
clubs around town, Alan developed quite an array of
fake I.D.'s in order to get in to hear his favorite old
players. The "little white boy over in the corner"
became a familiar fixture at intimate performances by
legends such as Little Richard and Leadbelly. He was
soaking in the experiences like a sponge. His Beatles
records were seldom off the turntable.
 Alan and the punk-art band, The Wedgeheads,
created a lasting local impact with outrageous
performances like "Puppy Slicer" and a dead-Elvis
parody that made for great press. It subsequently,
however, got Alan thrown out of The Sundowners, a
country group he was gigging with on the side, and
PAN, a top 40 group who didn't get the humor.
He and songwriter Jaxon Baker then formed The
Mice! with X Wedgeheads Howie Pickett and Bill
Humphreys, a Beatlesque, harmonizing pop group
whose self-produced first single “I Like Her”
circulated on college radio throughout the country,
grabbing the ear of Electra A&R man Kevin Patrick in
New York and radio legend Rodney Benginheimer in
Los Angeles.  Alan moved the band to L.A. to release a
second single with Greg Shaw's Voxx Records, “I Can
Fly,” soon re-forming with some locals as Mary Kelly.
They received extensive airplay on independent radio
in the U.S., Canada and Europe with a four-song EP,
“Living In A Pay Toilet” It was penned and produced
by Alan ( lyrics by Jeff Potter) and recorded with
producer and friend Brett Gurewitz (of Bad Religion &
Epitaph Records fame) at his Westbeach Studios in
 After leaving Mary Kelly, Alan pursued several solo
projects. He wrote and recorded a series of rock
musicals, including "The Strange Case of Jekyll &
Hyde" (based on the classic novel) on which he
produced, played all the instruments and created all
the vocal characterizations. The multi-award winning
independent film version, “The Jekyll & Hyde Rock 'n
Roll Musical”, starring Alan in a critically-acclaimed
award-winning performance, is currently being
distributed internationally by Bruder Releasing of Los
Angeles. The film features a cameo by Alan's friend
and mentor, studio legend and Rock 'n Roll Hall of
Famer, Hal Blaine.
 Alan has also been heard on the internationally
syndicated Dr. Demento Show, with a series of novelty
tunes recorded at his home studio. Alan also enjoys a
certain amount of notoriety for his uncanny John
Lennon impersonation. He has performed with dozens
of Beatles Tribute shows at nightclubs and casinos
including numerous performances in Las Vegas and
at the International Beatlefest Convention. He also
played drums for the LA-based band, Theory, who had
a tune on TV's Party Of Five.
Alan’s  Latest release: the bluesy and soulful "MRS.
the L.A. rock 'n roller returns to his
Southern roots with this blues-infused collection,
reminiscent of early Stones and Zeppelin.
The title cut
is featured in the film “Rx For Mayhem” and “Keep
Your Hands Off My Baby”  was an audience-voted #1
song on ENGAGE internet radio, where he hosts a
weekly interactive Saturday morning children’s show,
PLAYDATE.  Alan also hosts “Alan’s Short Film Series”
on eaTV internet television every Wednesday night
featuring the latest in cutting-edge independent short
films. He was awarded ARTIST OF THE YEAR for 2006
by the evolving artist network and inducted into their
Hall Of Fame in October ’06.  Alan's song, "Chocolate
Chip Cookie Rock" from his children's release,
PLAYDATE, can also be found on volume three of the
"Are We There Yet?" CD series for kids, and the title
cut appeared in the feature film “Team Extreme.”
 He is currently mixing and mastering the soundtrack
to his Frankenstein Rock Musical, which he intends to
make his second feature film.
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