Andre Champagne
Director, Producer,
Cinematographer, Post
Production Specialist

Andre's filmmaking career began at the
age of 10 when he produced his first
pixelation (stop motion) features using
his dad's old 8mm camera and
neighborhood children and pets as his
cast. These projects escaladed into
junior high, where he also played
seventh chair violin in the school
symphony and was a self proclaimed
alto-sax-playing outcast.
Andre soon entered Long Beach State where he was promptly kicked out of
teleproduction class for  outwitting the teachers on several occasions by completely
disassembling and, eventually, re-assembling various production equipment
throughout the facility. "I was only making much needed improvements," he says in his
defense. "The department has since come up to speed."
He was given an airshift the following year at the prestigious KLON-FM (NPR) the
college station, and the top jazz station in the Los Angeles area. All the while learning
every aspect of every job he ventured upon, he began producing rock station promos
and public service announcements at KNAC-FMin Long Beach. His radio production
experience led to producing radio and television ads for numerous clients, including
over1,000 spots for Music Plus, now Blockbuster.
Then Andre conquered the world of recording, building from the ground up countless
recording studios in and around Los Angeles and Hollywood, several of which he
ownedand managed including"appointment-only" studios in Santa Monica and the San
Fernando Valley. He now runs a multimedia production facility nestled in the mountains
high above Los Angeles where he has created his own computer post- production
editing and special effects programs exclusively for the JEKYLL AND HYDE ROCK 'N
Andre has worked with thousands of clients on numerous projects in the entertainment
industry, including Sally Kellerman, Chevy Chase, George Clooney, Mick Taylor (Rolling
Stones), Steven Seagal, RedSkelton, Harlan Ellison, Ed Begley Jr, Gary David Goldberg,
Nikki Sixx (Motley Crew), Sherman HelmsleyJoey Travolta, John Avila (Oingo Boingo),
Karen Black, Peter Aykroyd, Warner Brothers, New Line CinemaColumbia, Universal
Ampitheater, Geffen Records, and many others.
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