Robert Ricucci - Producer,
Screenwriter, Actor

What can be said about Bob Ricucci that hasn’t
already been said time and time again? He
currently resides in the maximun security
facility at San Quentin in a padded room,
assuring no danger to the other inmates. “I
actually committed no crime as such, I just like
the peace and quiet here,” says Ricucci, “ I
can catch up on my reading and lift weights.”
Of course, ninety per cent of his fellow felons
claim to have committed “no crime” but who’s
counting? Let’s go back to his childhood.
There are completely unfounded rumors that
Bob used to rob the other kids’ lemonade
stands at the end of the day, when their cigar
boxes were the fullest. This youthful jaunt
ended when he fully matured and became a
strapping young lad and Homecoming King at
his local school-away-from-school at age 34.
Bob moved about the country half-cocked,
long after the expression was fashionable,
living for a short stint on an island in the
Pacific. He once rented a room in Nebraska
from a distant cousin of Red Button’s horse
trainer. It was then that he heard his calling.
This brief brush with fame got him hooked. “I
knew then that show biz was the only place for
me!” Bob once read in the back of a cheap
dime novel. So he jumped the nearest freight
to Wisconsin, where he lived for another
twenty-seven years before moving to Los
Angeles where he met Alan and co-wrote the
screenplay to some movie once.