Carlos Lauchu - Co-Producer,
Choreographer & Production

Carlos came from the stage. His background is the
theatre, first as a principle with Ballet Folklorico then
appearing on Broadway in Alcazar de Paris for a year as
a singer/dancer. Carlos left that engagement early
taking advantage of an offer to sing and dance in
House of Flowers with Patti LaBelle, directed and
choreographed by Tony-award winner, Jeffrey Holder.
His continuing dance experience in New York included
choreography, dancing and acting in many commercials
including Pepsi, AT&T and Jello and in music videos
with LaToya Jackson, Dolly Parton, Vanessa Williams
and others. Coinciding with his efforts to persue acting
came an offer from Prince to work on his music videos
"Diamonds and Pearls," and "Cream." Carlos Lauchu
headed for Hollywood.
Once in California, Carlos' acting efforts began to pay
off with major television roles in Monsters, Relativity,
L.A. Heat and Baywatch, and in roles in movies
including his film debut in King of New York with
Christopher Walken, then co-starring in Silencers with
Jack Scalia, and a soon-to-be-released film alongside
Louis Gosset, Jr. Carlos co-starred with James Spader
and Kurt Russell in Stargate as Anubis and then in
comedian Leslie Neilsen's Spyhard as Andy Griffith's
evil enforcer. Carlos is co-producing and acting in
Rogue, in production in Fall 2000, a screenplay he also