Society of Fantastic Films
Festival, Manchester,


New York B-Movie
Festival,  Three Awards:
Best Photography, Best
Music, Best Achievement
in Film

Additional Nominations:
Best Actor, Best Set

Official Selection:
Valley Filmfest,
Scarefest (LA), and
Maniafest (LA)-Opening
"It's amazing what these young men did on virtually no budget at all-
they made a fantastic musical with great acting and a very high level
of production"
Carl Reiner, Writer, Director, Actor (The Jerk, Where's Poppa?,
The Dick Van Dyke Show)

“The Jekyll And Hyde Rock ‘N Roll Musical takes the creepy story that we all know and love and throws it in a contemporary
blender. What emerges is a fierce and funny indie that takes place in sunny L.A.--and the totally original rock soundtrack will have
many thinking Rocky Horror meets Classic Horror.”

“It’s going to be a HIT! I’ve worked with the best in the business and The Jekyll
And Hyde Rock ‘N Roll Musical compares to any of them!”
-Hal Blaine, Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer, World’s Greatest Drummer

“Really cooooooool! Alan has a powerful screen presence!”  - Michael Davis, Writer/ Director, (Shoot ‘Em Up, Eight Days A Week, 100
Girls, Monster Man).

Very, very entertaining" George Shapiro, Manager, Executive Producer (Seinfeld) enjoyable film...personal and ambitious, takes a lot of chances!”        
-Hillary Field, 20th Century Fox

“Innovative and Daring”        -Peter Block, Lions Gate Entertainment

A high degree of creativity...strong visualization...the music is very good...effective
cinematic moments”  
      -Steve Stajich, Screen and television writer, (Reba)

I was truly astounded! The songwriting is very, very well done...the level of acting is superb”-Michael Jedlicka, Walt Disney Pictures

“Very unusual and exciting!”                -Judith Hallet, Judith Hallet Productions

“The transformation scene is absolutely CHILLING!, but it was also delicious and delightful!”       -Geri Gorowski, Walt Disney Pictures

“It’s SOOOO GREAT!! Like Rocky Horror Picture Show, but much Scarier!”-Jules Thornton, actress, musician

“Alan’s Hyde characterization has a believability that puts all other screen interpretations to shame, including Spencer Tracy and
Fredric March”
-Jack Aiuvalasit. Producer

“The soundtrack is especially wonderful”        Kali Frederick, Sound Unseen Film & Music Festival

“Clever and hip! The classic Jekyll and Hyde tale has never been more fun!” Andrew Cottone, Producer, Screenwriter

“Looks Great”        -Tom Krentzin New Concorde Pictures

“Well acted with some great songs!” New York Horror Film Festival

“I loved it”                -Call Kaminsky, P.C. Films Corp.

“Alan Bernhoft has produced and written a lot of music over the years and is a talented singer/songwriter.You might check things
out at one of his websites:”
– Chris Jarmick,

“Fascinating!”        -Joseph Adelman, International Entertainment Enterprises

“Very fun! Some great stuff in there!”        -Carl Hampe, Miramax

“Your movie showed how much love and work you poured into it. I admire your tenacity”
-Rachel Rose, actress, personal trainer

“I just loved it! A lot of fun!”        -Rodney Ferrel, Fox 2000

Looks great! Congratulations!”        -Gary Rubin, Artisan Entertainment

“Loved it!”                -Stacey Smithey, Java Records

“It was great”                -Jody Skalla, Sony Pictures

I’ve seen many films, few as entertaining! I loved it! Great crowd responses! Awesome job!”     -Mark Atteberry, Writer and Director

“Excellent work! The cast is AWESOME! You kick some very serious ass with your movie!” -Mark DeVilbiss, Entertainment

DELICIOUS..!!!!.......Savory, Tasty and Enthralling !!!!!......Such a horriffic morsel......You'll LOVE EVERY bite !!!
The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Rock & Roll Musical is nothing less than beautiful, spellbinding art.........Sir. Alan Bernhoftt is a complete
TRIUMPH !!!........His singing, acting, dancing and otherwise "Creeping" will mess with your head and at the same time enthrall you
with his beautiful, poetic singing.......Such a handsome, talented actor....Such a creepy introduction into the world of Rock-Opera !!!
Did you see TOMMY..??......Have you seen ROCKY HORROR...??....Do you know the story of "Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde"??.........IF your
answer to all 3 questions in "No", then don't fret, my dear...........You can reclaim your worth in one felled swoop by witnessing The
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Rock 'n' Roll Musical...!!!
Alan Berthoff dazzles with his master-work on the soundtrack !!.......The story will capture you in it's newly presented form !!.......The
women are absolutely beautiful and will no-doubt make you want/wish to be a hero within the storyline........All in all, your precious
hard-earned dollars will have been well spent on this most splendid extravaganza !! BUY IT !!.....LIVE IT !!.....LOVE IT !!
-Stephen J.
Arti -Customer Review

Alan is what "American Idol" would term, a triple threat. Not only is he a gifted musician, songwriter, and arranger - he is an
exceptional director who brings stunning color, backdrops, and a keen continuity to his work. It is apparent he is respected by the
cast as their individual chatacters are brought to life with zest and determination. J and H has been done and redone to the nth
degree, but this film is not to be passed over as another effort to rework a tired story. Its new, refreshing, vibrant, serious; one to
watch again and again.-
George Avi-Customer Review

A dynamite interpretation with awesome music! This project is worth listening to, watching and most of all, owning! Each time I see
it I find something new. The music is very haunting, and yes, you can sing along to it -- unlike some more recent musicals.
Bernhoft/Champagne are a duo to be watched and to be reckoned with. Give them the support that they deserve and have definitely
-Coannie, Customer Review

Don't miss this version of Dr. Jekyll, Completely enjoyable, contemporized version of Jekyll and Hyde. One that gives new life and
perspective to an old tale. Great original music helps to set the story. The true mark of how good this music really is--finding
yourself singing the songs!

Lives up to the title!,Alan Bernhoft's Music score is unequaled in a major percentage of films in all genra this last decade. Very
refreshing in it's storytelling, and COMPLETELY unpredictable,with an interesting sub-plot,twists and turns. The MUSIC is beautiful,
haunting and memorable, working very well with the continuity of the film, like classic Disney animated features, and all of the
Rogers and Hammerstien films did. Just the right amount of dark creepiness to satisfy the most critical horror film fan, filled with
great rock and roll to satisfy the rock fan's pallete, and a story true enough to the Stevenson classic, yet original enough to not allow
the viewer to second-guess the plot. an excellent film, destined to be a true rock and roll/horror cult classic film.
-Sean Strain
"Feature Film FX artist" (Sunland, Ca. USA)

WOW...Gotta Buy This One!!!
Reviewer:        H. F. Garrett "Classic Lover" Customer Review
This was a tremendously fun ride. It is a special moment when I actually fall into the story line and feel total immersion into the
actors portrayal of an alternate world created by the skillful hands of gifted screenwriters and directors. To me, that is what
entertainment is really about, the captured experience during the circus ride of sights and sounds a movie provides. I don't know
why I didn't discover this flick sooner, I certainly try to keep an eye out for modern interpretations of the classics. This was a fine job
interpreting the classic Hyde monster. I felt it was much more believable than the digitized mountainous Hyde's in the Van-Helsing
and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen stories. You certainly owe it to yourself to try this more believable version out. The
combination of an engaging soundtrack, believable actors, and a gripping version of the storyline kept me immersed throughout. I
offer a "job well done" to this crew!!!

If your looking for a wild ride, this is it!
Reviewer:        BerrySoup "Devoted Movie Buff" (Los Angeles, CA) -
True art constantly reinvents itself. And reinventing an art form is exactly what this film does. When we think of musicals, warm and
approachable names like "Oklahoma," "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," and "South Pacific" come to mind. Films you grew up
with. Films that leave a smile on your face. Admittedly, traditional musicals have almost always been associated with light hearted
and sappy entertainment. Then there is that little handful of films that comes along and pushes the art-form, "Tommy," "Sweeney
Todd," "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and films of that ilk. Art shouldn't be stagnate, it should reinvent itself. It should always be
The mere thought of taking the Robert Louis Stevenson's famed dark novel and turning it into a musical, is not only challenging an
art-form, it is death defyingly risky. Fortunately, "The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Rock 'n' Roll Musical" succeeds with flying colors. To
make it too serious would be to try to perfect an already perfect style of story-telling, and that's just plain boring. And, to make it
sketch comedy silly wouldn't be challenging at all. Mel Brooks perfected the art form of making horror hilarious years ago (see
"Young Frankenstein" for an iconic example of that). But, to let visceral rock and roll music and a raw, almost retro, style of
filmmaking tell the story is just plain brilliant. I'm not saying that this film is an equal to "The Godfather" but it is definitely one cool
ride. This is one of those fantastic films where if you sit back, let your hair down, expect nothing and let the music and the form carry
you on a journey you'll walk away satisfied and deep in thought for weeks to come.
Bernhoft and Champagne (the songwriter/lead actor and director respectively) are an amazing filmmaking team who's raw talent to
move you with their story is self-evident and effective. For me they have succeeded simply because I can't stop thinking about this
film. I will not be surprised at all if it becomes a cult classic. It's style is unique, it's form is avant garde and it boasts a CD's worth of
unforgettable music. No one has ever come close to telling Stevenson's timely tale, or for that matter any horror classic, like this.
All in all, I liked this film very much. It bothered me (in a good way) and made me content all in the same instant. Interesting films
always do. This film is definitely worth having in your DVD library.